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MailerHouse has been printing and mailing letters, statements, bills and invoices for companies for nearly a decade. Our speed and attention to detail frees up our clients to focus on more mission-critical tasks. Many organizations recognize the value of outsourcing printing and mailing, and we have long proven our trustworthiness to assist our diverse list of clients.


Partnered with Neopost     

  • Software to barcode variable page applications including data from separate sources to be matched, printed separately, and then matched on the inserter.
  • Closed-loop software to verify that everything that you meant to print everyday was both printed and successfully inserted.
  • A folder-inserter that can match personalized documents from separate feeders and process at high-speed into #10, 6 X 9.5, 9 X 12, and 10 X 13 envelopes.
  • A postage meter for your international mail and non-permitted projects.
  • Data Cleansing & Enrichment.
  • Document Automation.
  • Document Printing.
  • Document Folding/Inserting.
  • Mail Metering.
  • Parcel Shipping.
  • High Performance (up to 10,000 Docs/Minute).
  • End-To-End Process Management & Automation.
  • Applies specified branding and personalization.
  • Supports integrity barcodes: OMR, BCR, 2D.
  • Postal savings with grouping, batch printing, sorting and merging.

Our mail making tools have so many options that you can utilize, the best way to sort through the pieces and options MailerHouse can offer is to simply get started.

Customize your documents exactly how you want them.

You will have the ability to print on one side or both sides of paper; choose between white, a multitude of colors, even pre-perforated paper; decide whether you want black and white or full color printing; easily add return or remittance envelopes to your mailing with or without a pre-applied postage stamp; add an eye catching message to the outside of the letter; our letter tools were designed to handle most business letter mailings.

With the MailerHouse API, you can send customized letters based on specific events you define or actions your customers take. From personalized test results to tailored offer letters, you can generate each document on demand, no batching required.

Secure documents for your customer’s eyes only.

  • Your letters are sent quickly, securely, and accurately.MailerHouse offers 100% HIPAA compliance from production to delivery, ensuring each document is for the intended recipient’s eyes only.
  • Addresses are not on the document. They are printed on the outside of the envelope only for your protection.
  • CSV data file is required.
  • #10 (standard business size) envelope without windows, custom printed with your recipient address and return address. Return address logo and endorsement line printing are optional for a more custom look.

Track everything along the way.

  • The ability to track your USPS First lass Mail in our system.
  • Use the Intelligent Mail Bar Code.
  • Our System will be updating each mail piece with the data we receive from the USPS.
  • Use the data we can provide to you , to predict the delivery date of your mail piece.


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