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Delivering bills which are accurate and timely is important to all businesses. Being able to do this with the ability to strengthen relationships with customers is invaluable. Mailerhouse’s print and mail service utilize an enterprise document automation technology to provide a comprehensive platform for creating and personalizing all types of documents, including bills. The result is the ability to produce sophisticated, complex transnational documents at very competitive prices.

Bills are transformed into marketing tools by the customer’s ability to insert custom marketing messages directly into the bill. Statement marketing is crucial with invoices because even a small colored logo show the client credibility.

The ability to insert custom marketing messages provides customers with the opportunity to sell additional products and services, promote payment options, or inform customers about changes to products or services.

Printed bills can incorporate highlight spot colors to attract attention. The automated process to match and attach support documents to billsis effortless and fast, thus reducing turn-around time required deliver the bill and improving cash flow. MailerHouse guarantees 24 hours or less turn around time.

MailerHouse offers an integrated invoicing solution which automates and accelerates invoice delivery for you.

With MailerHouse you can:

  • Save money on print mailing using bull-penning and other great practices.
  • Transition your customers to email or electronic invoice delivery for more significant savings.
  • Shave days off your invoice delivery time, resulting in faster payments.

You’ll increase efficiency and speed up payments while you get greater visibility with our dashboards to better manage the entire invoicing process.

No matter how your customers want their invoices sent – whether by email, print, online portal or through an AP network – your accounts receivable teams can leverage a single secure platform to send invoices to your customers in any format and through a channel that is convenient and easy to access. MailerHouse’s best-in-class software automates and manages the entire delivery process.

What this means for you, is you don’t have to shoulder the costs of building your system, worry about maintaining the system or take on the risks typically involved with implementing an electronic invoicing solution on your own.

Importantly, all MailerHouse solutions are PCI-Compliant. Your customer data and invoices are completely secure throughout the entire process. MailerHouse has various redundancy measures in place, so power outages and severe weather won’t shut down your cash flow when you need it most.

Print & Mail Delivery

Outsource your invoice printing and mailing services to MailerHouse with a 24 hour or less turn around time.

AP Integration

Integrate all of your invoice data to an automated AP system to automate and improve the entire payment process.

Email Invoice Delivery

Quickly and conveniently send your customers invoice summaries, with PDF bill attachments, and provide single click payment options on a secure site.


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