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MailerHouse has partnered up with Neopost to ensure the highest quality of printing for our clients. With this new technology, MailerHouse can perform with a balanced mix of speed and color for high-end Direct Marketing.  MailerHouse can offer endless color options to customize any service option we provide to ensure uniqueness and zero compromises on logo perfection.

Marketing for a company is no simple task but is a critical one. You need to have great campaigns that will draw the attention of the right target audience for your client. Nothing grabs the initial attention of customers like the vibrant color on your marketing piece.

MailerHouse has recently teamed up with Neopost, which has allowed us to gain the access to state of the art printing technology. With these new capabilities, our team has endless color options for your marketing pieces. Allow your statement design to stand out to your clients in a new and unique way. You can market anything, therefore let MailerHouse help you get ahead in departments that are normally generic, such as Healthcare Statements, Medical Statements, and many others.

If your company is looking for a powerful direct marketing campaign to be used as an insert, as individual mailing pieces, or electronically delivered, then you have come to the right company to partner with. Our Neopost equipment does not put many limitations on what we can accomplish in the marketing department. For a successful business to stay alive in today’s world, they have to have unique, high-quality marketing pieces for their current clients, and to gain the attention of their target audiences. Let MailerHouse help by partnering up with our team of experts to provide credible marketing pieces for your business.

Features Provided by Neopost

mColor by Neopst

  • Optimized Color for Direct Marketing.
  • Produces professional color quality control with adaptive spot color to match existing color specification.
  • mColor identifies colors in your image automatically.

Print Resolution

  • Up to 1600 x 1600 dpi

Print Speed

  • Up to 3600 pages/hr.
  • Up to 7500 #10 envelopes/hr.

Color Matrix

  • Up to 16.8 billion colors


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