At Rebate Firm, our scalable infrastructure, constant investment in advanced technologies, experience in incentive and rebate program management and people competencies enable us to serve as a single source as your rebate, incentives, rewards, and loyalty program processor.

We have gained significant experience working with rebate, loyalty, reward, incentive programs and market research survey companies and our expertise in database management, data processing, and custom software programming allow Rebate Firm to customize and administer incentive and rebate programs for corporations across the US as well as internationally.

Out of the other rebate fulfillment companies in the market, Rebate Firm's online promotional fulfillment and loyalty solutions are among the most state-of-the-art and we can custom tailor a solution to fit your specific online rebate processing needs.

Rebate Firm handles the rebate processing industry's most inventive and ambitious rebate and loyalty programs cost-effectively, with uncompromising accuracy, while saving our clients a considerable amount of time and money.



You get access to item summaries with details of payments sent, cleared, remaining payments to clear, balance in account, and monthly summary statements.

Upload your files using our Secure EV-SSL encrypted file upload system and API, and have access to transmission verification and history reports.

Our multiple-layer fraud prevention strategy exclusively utilizes a specially designed anti-fraud micr check and security envelopes.

Payment Customer Service included.
Over 20 million sent out yearly.

In business since 2005, Rebate Firm is an online rebate promotion and spiff processing service. We offer a stable and reliable rebate check printing and mailing delivery solution that was developed over years of rebate processing experience.

We employ a variety of experts in banking, critical data storage, technical security, and fraud-prevention/risk management, as well as rebate program management to provide the most stable rebate processing platform available and to ensure that companies that decide to make Rebate Firm their rebate processor can be assured that will get their rebate processing needs fulfilled to a level above the rest.


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